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over 8 years ago by James Bell

The Work Look : Outfits


Continuing from last week’s interview theme, this week we are going to talk about what to wear to the interview. As a general rule - smart looking; it doesn’t necessarily have to be the standard corporate look, you can still be fashionable. Here a some looks that we like to call Professional Casual (refer to it as Pro-Caj to your friends, to sound instantly awesome).


Quick Tips

  • Don’t be afraid to wear colours for interviews – keep the colours in the muted/pastel palette
  • Don’t show too much skin– nothing above the knee and be careful about your neckline!
  • Keep clothes tidy – blouses ironed and tucked in, clean shoes etc
  • Trial your outfit – can you sit comfortably in it? Can you walk farther than to the end of the corridor? You don’t want to be fidgeting during your interview

1. Reiss Wren Top: £69 2. H&M Jacket: £39.99 
3. Office Fine Line Nude Microfibre: £40 4. Zara: £25.99

Thanks for reading, to put our tips to practice, search for jobs and get an interview lined up!