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about 9 years ago by James Bell

Five Things Successful People Do Differently

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If you are looking at ways of getting back into work, changing career direction or looking for hints and tips to improve your confidence for that upcoming job interview then Meridian’s Five Things Successful People Do Differently will hopefully start you on your journey to start seeing things a little more clearly. 

1. Set Specific Goals 

When setting goals try to be as specific as possible and make sure they are manageable. 

Be clear and precise with your goals and ensure that you put enough effort and planning into your strategy for achieving your goals. 

If you have been made redundant, try and view this as an experience that has taught you many things about the operational issues and financial instabilities companies face in this economic climate. 

Companies make ‘roles’ redundant and not the ‘people’ so think about what you were told when your role was made redundant and if asked in your interview, you will be able to articulate your answer.

2. Set timescales 

By allocating timescales you will have a line of sight to work towards. You should record your milestones and learn from your experience. What worked, what didn’t and how can you improve your approach in the future. 

Looking for a job is a long journey for many people and persistence is the key. By accepting that it may time (even with the pressures of paying bills) it’s important to stay positive as this will come across during your interviews. 

3. Monitor your progress 

By monitoring your progress and recording your achievements your goals will be much more achievable. 

If you have applied for ten jobs and have been contacted by 8 companies and then after a screening telephone interview have been invited to a face-to-face interview, this is a huge success! Plot your success on a visual chart showing your journey getting closer to achieving your goal, a new job. 

4. Be realistic 

By setting unrealistic goals you may be setting yourself up for a fall. This in turn will affect your confidence so avoid it! 

If you do not have the qualifications or skills to be a doctor then do not pursue jobs to be a doctor. If this is your dream then take the necessary steps to get the qualifications and training required and then one day you will achieve this goal.

5. Focus on improving your skills

Believe in your ability to succeed as positive thinking is a powerful tool for sustaining your motivation and confidence. 

By identifying your strengths you may also identify your weaknesses but fear not, these can be improved! 

If you are seeing a lot of jobs which require computer skills and you feel yours are lacking then there is help out there. There are many free online courses to help you improve your skills and grow in confidence. You may decide to attend a night school which will look excellent on your CV as it shows your determination and motivation to succeed.

This is just a quick look at some simple steps you can take to achieving your goals. 

Good luck with your job search and remember it’s a journey and not a race.