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almost 7 years ago


The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) has amended its guidance on the Agency Workers Regulations 2010, which was originally published on 6 May 2011. 

Download your free AWR Guidance comparison, click on the following link; Agency Workers Regulations - Final Guidance Comparison 

See the updated version of the AWR Guidance here... http://www.bis.gov.uk/assets/biscore/employment-matters/docs/a/11-949-agency-workers-regulations-guidance 
The majority of amendments are minor, for instance the definition of “pay”. However, BIS (presumably after lobbying from agencies) has clarified the requirements and consequences of “pay between assignments” (previously known as the “Swedish Derogation”). 

Another substantive change is the removal of guidance regarding temporary supply teachers. Further guidance in this regard is due to be published “shortly”, after consultation with the Department of Education . It is currently unclear whether this will be a separate publication to the main guidance or released as version 3 of the “final” guidance. Tim Johnson/Law has prepared a summary of the old/new text, for your ease of reference. 

For your simple ‘AWR Guidance comparison’, click on the following link; Agency Workers Regulations - Final Guidance Comparison