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Support officer Jobs

Jobs in Taunton

Job Overview

As a Support Officer, you will meet with individuals, patients/clients, carers, relatives in a variety of settings to improve access to help and care. 

The Skills Required

  • Excellent communication
  • Analytical skills
  • Interpersonal


  • You’ll need to have a basic education (GCSE’s)
  • Any past experience working in a similar role is ideal

​Taunton is a large town, located in the county of Somerset in the South-West of England. The town is rich in history and has many picturesque locations which are a must-see. To name but a few of these, there is the Museum of Somerset, Vivary Park and the Tudor Tavern. With history dating back to the 11th Century with the Norman invasion, Taunton has some magnificently stunning historic buildings, including the aforementioned Tudor Tavern and the Saint Mary Magdalene Church. Blended with the historic architecture are various shopping and retail locations,

Despite possibly sounding rather isolated and quiet, Taunton is still easily travelled to and from, with good road connections for travel by car, including the M5 and A38, and also has its own Taunton Railway Station as an additional means of travel.

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